IPAF Harness Awareness, User and Inspection

Online Price: £150.00 per person
List Price: £175.00 per person

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Dates: August 2024 to November 2024


  • Birmingham (HVO)
  • Glasgow (HVO)
  • Leicester
  • London East (HVO)
  • Luton
  • Manchester (HVO)
  • Southampton (HVO)

The IPAF Harness User, Awareness and Inspection course is essential for anyone who will personally conduct statutory inspections on behalf of an organisation.

All 3 elements of this course can be taken at one of our training centres and completed within 1 day. 

If you have any queries, please contact our Training Team on 01455 552800.

Course Objectives

Who Should Attend

Candidates who are responsible for inspecting their company’s personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) and maintaining inspection records (including those required by law), should first take the Harness Awareness and Harness User courses, followed by the Harness Inspection course. 

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